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Cold Storage

Concerns about food-safety, control of decay and ripening, and extending shelf life without depending on harmful chemicals have driven increased demand for safe, proven food storage alternatives such as ozone. Gaseous ozone has proved to be very effective in a cold storage environment

Use of ozone in Cold Storage kills airborne and surface microorganisms, shuts down the sporulation process, and consumes ethylene produced by ripening. After oxidizing microorganisms, ozone immediately reverts to pure oxygen, leaving no residue and maintaining taste, texture and smell characteristics in the product’s natural state

Ozone is Approved for Use with Food

The USDA (U.S Department of Agriculture) and FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) have approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for use with food processing. Ozone has been given GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval by the USDA and the FDA for direct contact with food products, including all meat and poultry products. With regulatory approval, ozone has become a great option for cost-effectively disinfecting food

Benefits of Ozone in Cold Storage

Reduce decay

  • Kill surface and airborne microorganisms (including mold growth)
  • Stop nesting of decay
  • Shut down sporulation

Control ripening

  • Regulate ethylene levels
  • Increase storage and shelf life
  • Maintain fruit pressure

Reduce/eliminate post-harvest chemicals

  • Reduce/eliminate fungicides
  • Ideal for organic

Odor control

  • Maintain an odor-free cold storage area
  • Keep odors from cross contaminating between products

Advantages of CECON Ozonation System

Easy Installation

It can be easily integrated with the existing air handling system of cold storage. Our Ozone Generators are air cooled, eliminating plumbing and maintenance issues that come with water-cooled solutions

Efficient and Economical

Ozone efficiently and economically generated, applied and controlled automatically on-site. This ensures rapid return on investment

Fully Automatic Operation

Automatically maintains ozone set points for daytime / night time microbial and ethylene control

Common Applications for Ozone use in Food Storage

  • General Cold Storage Facilities
  • Preservation of Fish and Seafood
  • Potato Storage Facilities
  • Onion Storage Facilities
  • Citrus Fruit Storage
  • Vegetable Storage
  • Cool Meat Storage
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