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1.“Ozone” as an alternative to Pesticide

Studies have revealed that replacing pesticides with ozonated water yields positive results, is environmentally friendly and does not leave any deposit on the produce. It aids in the production of organic food products

Ozone treatment has been shown to:

  • Strongest and most natural treatment for perfect water and safer farm practices
  • Increase the resistance of the plants against certain microbiological pests
  • Remove microbiological contamination effectively
  • Yield results comparable to pesticide treatment
  • Result in no chemical contamination of the soil
  • Effectively sterilize the soil surface
  • Leave no residue on the produce

2.Ozone in Irrigation

Ozone is extremely useful for irrigating trees, vineyards and cultures in preventing them from deadly diseases

Irrigating crops with Ozonated water has the following advantages

3.Ozone in Soil Remediation

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, capable of converting organic molecules to water and carbon dioxide. Ozone will make the contaminated soil free from a variety of pollutants such as:

  • MTBE (Methyl-Tertiary-Butyl-Ether), Pesticides, Hydrocarbons
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbons), Diesel, Benzene, Toluene
  • Ethylbenzene, Xylene, Trichloroethylene and Aromatics

The benefits of ozone soil remediation are:

  • Low capital cost, Low operating cost and faster reaction time
  • Treatment causes minimal physical disturbance to the site
  • Treatment is done on site
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