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Swimming Pool

Say “NO” to Chlorine - For many years, chlorine or bromine based chemicals have been the standard disinfectants used in swimming pool water treatment. However, these chemicals can have public health consequences due to the formation of reaction byproducts, mainly chlorinated organic compounds and chloramines. Chloramines are responsible for eye, skin and throat irritation as well as the presence of a strong “chlorine” odour

Say “YES” to Ozone - Numerous private, public, commercial, water park, hotel swimming pools have already switched to Ozone technologies as people are become more concerned about chlorine and chlorinated by-products. Apart from being extremely effective in killing bacteria and viruses and eliminating organic contaminants, ozone does not produce undesirable side-effects like hair fall, eye and skin irritation. There is no doubt ozone is fast becoming the most preferred solution for swimming pool water treatment worldwide

Why CECON Ozonation System?

  • CECON Ozonation system can be easily integrated with the existing system
  • Compact, easy to install and maintain
  • Enhanced safety interlocks
  • Low operating cost

Benefits of Ozone in Swimming Pool Water Treatment