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The use of ozone for wastewater treatment has been growing in popularity due to strict regulations on the effluent standards and limitations. Water scarcity and increasing demand for water promotes recycling and reuse of water.

Ozone plays a vital role in waste water treatment and re-use. Ozone is produced on site and is all natural, formed from only oxygen. No by-products or waste products are formed in the creation of ozone

Using CECON Ozonation system for wastewater disinfection offers many advantages in cost savings, space savings, labor savings, and cleaner water. More and more wastewater plants are making the switch to ozone use to capitalize on these advantages. Ozonation is a polishing treatment used in the tertiary stage of the STP/ETP for maximum efficiency

Benefits of Ozone in Waste Water Treatment

Industrial Applications

  • 1. Sewage Treatment Plants
  • 2. Effluent Treatment Plants
    • Leather Tanneries
    • Paper & Pulp Industry
    • Textile Dyeing Industry
    • Process water
    • Mineral slurry
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